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Agence Ouvray, founded in 1973, is an multi discipline design company. The Asia Pacific office is based in Shanghai focuses on landscape and masterplan design assisting an extensive international group of architects and urban planners.  The European headquarter is located in Paris focuses on architecture and interior design.

Our design practice focuses on 3 aspects for each project we encounter: Analytical, Creativity and Environmental.  Our design always starts with spatial, historical, contextual based Analytical studies.  Each space is creative and innovative, because for each project there always a unique design solution.  Environmental is interpreted in two ways: 1) for each project we carry the social responsibility to create a sustainable future; 2) to understand the spatial relationship and scale for each environment we work on.

Agence Ouvray have had extensive experiences in designing and constructing spaces ranging from urban planning, waterfront parks, public institutions to luxury resorts and private villas. Agence Ouvray is capable to adapt to a multiple array of design parameters and challenges demanded by today’s clients.


Agence Ouvray创立于1973年,是一家多元素的设计公司。 亚太地区办公总部为上海,专为国际建筑,城市规划设计公司提供景观及规划设计服务。欧洲的总部设在巴黎,为建筑及室内设计为主。


Agence Ouvray发展至今,已经在空间的设计和建造上积累了大量经验。我们项目涵盖了城市规划、滨水公园、市政设施等公共项目,以及度假胜地,私家别墅等私人委托。Agence Ouvray适应不同尺度、不同类型的设计,致力于满足当下客户的需求。