Gakuto Terraces 岳都滑雪联排别墅
Gakuto Terraces 岳都滑雪联排别墅

Gakuto Terraces 岳都滑雪联排别墅

Gakuto Terrace

We envision Gakuto Terraces to be the heart and centre of “Gakuto Village”. Gakuto Terraces is a community of eco chic terraces, with a retail building of restaurants. Like Gakuto Villas, they provide a distinctly comfortable and modern level of hospitality to its guests.
Gakuto Terraces answers to an increasing demand for smaller and even more affordable boutique accommodation.
Each terrace has one bedroom, one bathroom, a double height living room, a fully equipped kitchen.
Phase 1 of 4 terraces have been build and are in operations.

配备有零售中心的Gakuto Terraces是一个生态别致的景观社区。它为客人提供了一个独特的舒适并且现代的居住环境。

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